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WE ARE BACK! Thank you for your patience. It might take a few days for all site features to reincarnate. Please bear with us. Evaluations, Chart Generator and Contact page are NOT working yet. Existing customers can re-license the software, and new customers can buy the software now. Please contact Athen or Rocco to do so.

Our previous server suffered a catastrophic failure and the disk was lost. Our main developer has been quite under the weather so the site has taken longer to come back than we would like. Please accept our apologies for all those who were inconvenienced. Things are getting fixed and we expect all services to be back in a few days.

* Beautiful, clear charts and graphics
  * Vast number of Points for All Schools of Astrology
   * More than 1000 asteroids
     * More than 6000 fixed stars
       * More than 100 arabic parts
         * Fully configurable point and aspect system!

* Unique 3D Planetarium, unheard of in other software
  * Perfect for Primary Directions Work
   * Visual and Stellar astrology has never been easier !
     * Fully configurable for aesthetic or functional needs !
       * A perfect tool for serious star astrologers
         * See the night sky as it was meant to be seen with the most realistic models in any astrological software!

* Stunning full responsive 3D graphics
  * View the planetarium as a celestial sphere or as an observer !
   * Over 6000 stars comprising the full Harvard Revised Catalogue of bright stars.
     * Unique amongst professional-level software, the Prometheus planetarium give professional astrologers the power they need to do true visual astrology without leaving their desk!

* Astro*Carto*Graphy has never been easier !
  * Unlike other software, Prometheus features a full high-resolution Satellite world map, so no more loading maps for different areas of interest.
   * Fully zoomable and panable
     * Place any point available in Prometheus on the map, including stars(for parans), asteroids, arabic parts, and others !

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